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About Eco 99FM

Eco 99FM raised the banner of the Green Revolution, and transmits an environmentally friendly agenda and content green woven thread throughout the program board and music – from the program this morning, with Tal Berman and Aviad ivy, through ‘Eco Life’, ‘Eco Drive’ news flashes green combined all Time Greatest Hits. Already feeling the difference – This is a first step but a meaningful way to the revolution and change for the environment.

The station recorded an increase listening figures, and won the 2010 radio, in the category Best Rate text of “Press Conference in Eilat 2010” program “Eco Life”.
Eco 99FM supportive community – throughout the year we produce, transmit and support campaigns of different organizations and associations that penny is not their pockets and help them achieve public attention, and help them raise funds, equipment and cries from heaven as a mouthpiece.

Eco 99FM Table SHOW

6:00 – Good Morning with Ilil Nadav

7:00 – breakfast with Tal Berman and Aviad ivy

9:30 – Green – Day With Meital Ben-Yehuda

12:00 – Status Ido Cohen

14:00 – Acoliif with Michal Caspi

15:00 – Mae – Music with a seagull Ale

17:00 – Eco – Drive with age Engelstein

20:00 – Equalizer with Adi Hadar

22:00 – nearly midnight with live Age

24:00 – Sparks

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