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Radio Jerusalem

Radio Jerusalem

Radio Jerusalem Time Table

08:00 – New Morning in Jerusalem 10:00 – 12:00 free will – Mint 14:00 – Music – Hebrew songs in sequence. Editor Jeremy Levy 16:00 – 17:00 Stand Elad – Stars On 18:00 – Local Diary – Dear Oren News presenter conclusion about culture day in Jerusalem and Economics 20:00 – Israeli Music – On Thursday Leah Claire Jewish program 21:00 – News 10 – 23:00 syndication – something good – Host David Saidov artists live studio music program and seating interviews 01:00 – Night Owls – calls into the night together listening to music and corners.

About Radio Jerusalem

Radio Jerusalem supports and promotes dialogue among the population while supporting the idea of ​​a strong Israeli capital – social and economic. Open radio and attentive to everyone, provides information, new music and culture for everyone. Jerusalem radio we made a strategic decision to broadcast music purely Hebrew language during the day until eight in the evening. The radio provides information related to the residential area, pleasing to the time. And is a combination of actual talk shows, conversations with listeners, local news, the station airing the best of people and broadcasters as Yaron Ilan Elad father will be with me me Michelle Ohana Ben Yosef Dayan, Yaron Ayalon Maya sturdy birch and more. Jerusalem radio broadcasts 24 hours a day a variety of programs to the public Jerusalem from reading newspapers in the morning current affairs program my father’s will through programs Yaron Ilan University and Elad Stand dealing with contemporary music together listeners, log local sports newsreel local and national transfer news on the hour and broadcast news on Channel 10 At eight o’clock, the young programs, live broadcasts, live sports programs for listeners of experts, and mysticism all its forms. And highlight “Soccer Saturday’s” in the Premier League.

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