Reshet Aleph

Reshet Aleph

רשת א

Reshet Aleph

Reshet Aleph is the first radio channel Voice of Israel projected Hebrew. Conveys a variety of programs on culture, art, literature and poetry, tradition, folklore, history, and expert advice.

Director of Reshet Aleph is selected in 2008 was presented to the line, which was previously director of broadcasting in Amharic.

Among the known plans include the “Academy of thousand” of the property conveyed academic lectures, but went off the air in March 2005, sparking the ire of thousands of listeners [source needed]. Broadcasts “Academy thousand” were renewed in 2010 (and perhaps already in 2009) and serving time edited by Eitan Coral outgoing director of a network.

More youth department network known Israel Radio that operates it. “Young head” Youth Program Reshet Aleph, is one of the world’s oldest youth radio [source needed] and in fact was the first platform for youth provided practical exposure to the radio. The program was a springboard for the young pitcher who developed the journalistic Cisuriihm. Among the most prominent program hosts then and now are: Joseph Taragin, his popular science program “Science World” aired for thirty years, Aryeh Eldad – MK from the National Union party, Dalia Sagan – as editor of the youth programs of the Voice of Israel, Sarit Levy – Schmid Upon completion broadcasts joined the IDF Spokesperson Unit, moving Landau, Daphne and Max Cohen Leal – who joined the Army Radio and news reader Elazar Ben Lulu – immediately upon leaving the class journal served as a military correspondent Air Force and then producer and coordinator of the news department of the newspaper ” camp, “and more broadcasters and reporters are known.

Reshet Aleph previously stood in danger of closing or merging with other networks Voice of Israel. This intention has been canceled following a public battle leaving the network in its current form and prevent injury to the quality of the network broadcasts.

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