Ardaidardo 96.7

Ardaidardo 96.7

Ardaidardo 96.7

About Ardaidardo 96.7

Ardaidardo 96.7  one of the largest radio broadcasting organization which owns four of the most popular music and news radio station: “Fortuna”, “Fortuna Plus”, “Do not Grieve” and “Autoradio”.

“Radio of the” MUSIC STATION radiobazris 75% – hold the following criteria are:

• the highest rating, which is known and recognized by the Sociological Research Centre published the results of monitoring;
• The wide range of audiences: four different radio formats, different target audience, the audience attracted the most diverse category;
• satellite coverage of the entire territory of the Union;
• Terms and diversity of programs that serve the interests of listeners and loyal audience, enable collection;

• Professional Production Studio, which enables production of professional advertising clips.


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