Kol Hayam Haadom

Kol Hayam Haadom

Kol Hayam Haadom 102FM

Radio Kol Hayam Haadom (Voice of the Red Sea) is a regional radio station, established in 1996. The station is named after the Red Sea (known also by the name “Red Sea”), located off the coast of Eilat. Station two transmitters, Eilat (102.0FM) and Eilat regional council (101.0F.M)

The Kol Hayam Haadom station is active in local affairs relating to the community. Besides breaking news every hour round the Red Sea Sound actual programs serves local and national. More youth programs known station made its past: “Time Window” also aired later name “free time” and the youth program Hmitolgit break 10 broadcast sequentially over 4 years. In addition integrated youth programs content agenda also satirical atmosphere.

Also, the station is known for its past broadcaster. The most renowned is Shai Goldstein, who has worked in the past as a producer trailers and broadcast the program first dinner of the Radio Tel Aviv, and currently serves with Dror Refael the program, “Shai and Dror” on the radio non-stop 103FM; moshiko Stern currently broadcasts within 100FM and is scalable high. Also, the station broadcast also stars local culture, such as assault Sabri Ben Mizrahi, June Dvir, Arik Ben – Arie Verde aggregators which established itself at the station its very beginnings O’Shea salmon in current affairs and program presenter spoken “Songs from sea to sea” which conveys oriental songs edited .
Renewable station every year with new programs and new broadcasters.
CEO is Guy Markman station.

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