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Show Table Radio 88 FM

06:00: espresso with Ronnie friends

8:00: Good rocker with Boaz Cohen

10:00: catch a wave with the wave Aflreut

11:00: Radio Touch touch with the undulating Gora – Review

12:00: Time G with glial Giladi

13:00: Come on with Ronnie Wertheimer

14:00: gives Brooke with a Red

15:00: Music with Itzik Yosha

17:00: fifth gear with Anat Harel

19:00: Guest studio

21:00: The Cotton Club Yuval Meskin

22:00: First Radio

23:00: Foflks with Yuval Ganor

01:00: All starts with Eli Torch

2:00: Night of progressive rock with Ronnie Wertheimer

About Radio 88FM

Radio 88FM station was established in August 1995. Network went live as part of preparations for the Voice of Israel into the new era of broadcasting in Israel. Fundamental importance in establishing the station was the creation of high-quality alternative to commercial stations as well as providing reliable and accurate information to drivers.

88 FM broadcasting in large parts of the country at this frequency and frequency 87.6FM North station broadcasts 24 hours a day.

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