Radio Lelo Hafsaka

Radio Lelo Hafsaka

Radio Lelo Hafsaka


Time table Radio Lelo Hafsaka 103FM

6:00 Good morning with Pearl Bat Zvi

7:00 Shay and Dror

Mashaal 9:00 in the morning with Haggai Golan and Rina successful

10:00 Gabi Gazit

12:00 Furious with Natan Zahavi Zahavi

14:00 Didi Didi Harari determined locally with

16:00 Varda Raziel VII Comte

17:00 Emmanuel and Ben with Emanuel Rosen and Hagai Golan

18:00 Sports

20:00 to Home

21:00 Iris Sound

23:00 Joseph Sias

2:00 The best plans reruns

About Radio Lelo Hafsaka 103FM

Radio Lelo Hafsaka is a regional radio station broadcasting at a frequency 103 FM received mainly in the Gush Dan area. The station was established in 1995, the first wave of the formation of regional radio stations in Israel. Content from the station broadcasts news, satire, humor, advice, sports, politics and more. The station broadcasts talk shows often and not often play music.

The – according to surveys TGI Second Authority, Radio uninterrupted Hmueznt regional radio station in Israel. Regional radio auction held in 2008, the station won the concession area of ​​Gush Dan, and decided that it can extend the duration of its broadcasting area by the year 2024.

Between broadcasters broadcasting station include: Shai and Dror, Nissim Mishal, Rina successful, Gabi Gazit, Douek, gave Zahavi, Didi Harari, Varda Raziel Jacont, Meir Einstein, Ron Kaufman, Rami Weitz, Rivka Michaeli, Niv Gilboa, Haim Yavin, Joseph Sias, Yoram Sheftel and more. Among the station’s announcers of the past can be found Merav Michaeli, Shmulik Tayar, Eyal Berkovic, Ophira Assayag and more.

The station’s studios are located in Israel and Diaspora Street 13, Givattayim.

North without a break is a radio station broadcasting a Regional north of the country, with regional leg of its concession area is Metulla to her room. In addition to the station’s main frequency (FM 103) there is the frequency 101.5, used for the inhabitants of Galilee and the Golan Heights.

Before the station was partly owned by Danny Nislis and was called “Radio MIX”, with the creation of the Second Authority, “Radio 1” which was also directed by Nislis, won the concession to operate the Regional Radio Haifa (now Radio Haifa) and decided to run it, now, station (north without a break) belongs to the radio non-stop only.

Radio studios are located at the Hacienda in degrees – Tarshicha.

Today, syndicated radio broadcasts non-stop the plans of Gabi Gazit from 10 to 12, gave Zahavi between 12 to 13, Didi Harari from 14 to 16 and a sports program from 18 to 20.

Local programs of the station are: Caffeine with Noam Amir from 6 to 7, “Something” with Karen Ackerman between 9 to 10, “Northern Exposure” with the news department, “experts” with Rina Ben – Browse from 16 to 18, and the music program “requested” from 21 to midnight. From midnight to 6 am, Israeli songs are broadcast as part of “a Hebrew word.”

Every Saturday night at eight o’clock, the program airs: Not for women only with Prof. Jacob Bornstein – health magazine that focuses on a different topic each program, and also includes answers to listeners. The program serves a director of obstetrics and gynecology at the hospital in Nahariya, with Eyal Levi – technical VP of the radio station.

Saturday night between ten o’clock midnight airs the program “Perfect Couple” with Samuel Haik and doe Soglowek.

Since the beginning of 2010, the station began broadcasting a syndicated morning program instead Shai and Dror, the morning program Tal Berman and Aviad ivy Eco 99 FM station, bought by the owner of the radio non-stop Eli Azur and David Weissman.

As opposed to non-stop radio, broadcasts, producer and editor flashes also Monzifieliim every half hour from 06:30 am to 17:30 pm under the supervision of the station’s news director Yoav Mintz.

Although both stations broadcast almost the same content transmissions, and both those owners, the Second Authority for Television and Radio stations as relates to the various broadcasters, and monitors each of them separately.

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