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Radio Tel Aviv

רדיו תל אביב Radio Tel Aviv102fm

Radio Tel Aviv 102FM

Table Show Radio Tel Aviv 102FM

06:00 ‘nice morning’ with Simi Akshoti – Sunday – Thursday 7:00 ‘morning program in Israel, with Dominguez and Ofer Harel Slutsky 09:30, Marks & the city, with citrus 14:00 12:00 Shmulik Tayar’ Soundtrack lunch “with Dr. Guy 16:00, Zormot’ with two Nahshoni Shilon 18:00 committees’ Israel’s sports program in cooperation with a One 20:00” small “with a spring s, Thursday – with Daniel Elfenbein. 23:00 ‘Love Me Night’ with Shmulik Tayar Friday: 06:00 – ‘Get Shabbat with Dr. Yechiel between 7:00 -‘ pulling the strings’ with Douek 08:00 – ‘draining the swamp’ with Shay Golden 10:00 – Going going, with Danny Sides and Udi Segal 12:00 – Dr. Eric – with Dr. Eric 14:00 – Margalit squared, with Dan Margalit 15:00 – ‘live better’ with container 23:00 – Dolev Nislis and Omri Silver 1:00 – ‘set’ Saturday: 22:00 – “soul Bird” with Dr. Ilan Rabinovitch

About Radio Tel Aviv 102FM

Radio Tel Aviv 102FM is a regional radio station based in Tel Aviv. The station was established on September 1, 1996, and Studios are located at the soldier. The station was opened in the second wave of the formation of regional radio stations, a year after the first wave. Radio Tel Aviv combines text programs operating in the soft current affairs and humor, and the music hits transmitted sequence. The station broadcasts at a frequency 102 FM, part of its branding. Radio Tel Aviv is controlled by businessmen Tzvi Shalom, Yossi Saban and Danny Nislis.

The station stood out that was among the first introduced back relatively quick recipe show normal after attacks (which led to even accusations of escapism [2]), thus combining both songs Latin and updated in memory. [3] program known broadcast before the station, is a program skits night hippo that continues to exist to this day Flix website.
List of broadcasters of Radio Tel Aviv, in the past can be found in the container idiom, Rafi Reshef, Dana Spector, Emanuel Rosen, Reshef Levy Katash, Shai and Dror Einav Galili, Dori Ben Ze’ev, Tal Berman, Aviad ivy and of course Erez Tal, Merav Michaeli one of the founders of the station, along with the first CEO, Raudor Benziman.
Today the station is characterized by many text strips when striking them was a morning of Tal Berman and Aviad ivy, from 2002 to 2009. Today, the main programs are “day now” Trio of what to do with (via Channel 24), and the oldest program from the first day of the station, “go finish”, hosted by Danny Sides and Udi Segal.
From the spring of 2007 until the end of July 2011 the station aired every evening sports program, in conjunction with the sports channel and the channel filing stars: Miri Nevo, Ron Kaufman, Nadav Jacobi, Danny amber, Shlomo Scharf, Itzik Zohar and Eli Ohana. Today the program airs filing Ophira Assayag, Eyal Berkovic and Finnish Gershon collaboration with ONE website. Since January 2008 he joined the station Yoav Kutner, Director of Music, telecast every day at 14:00 to 16:00 the “little man from the radio,” edited music program and serving, with two weeks of concerts entertaining the studio, such as Barry Sakharov Ehud Banai Rita, Arkadi Duchin, Hadag Nachash, Erykah Badu, Marianne Faithfull, Mind Church and dozens more.
In April 2008, the station aired a program skits and nonsense “Final Justice”, broadcast every Saturday at 17:00 and continues the path of previous comedy, similar style, such as “What is it?” And “hifofotm “- broadcast on Radio Tel Aviv at the outset .
Since 1997 the station operates radio vocational college approved by the Ministry of Industry. Faculty also includes the moderators station.
July 2009 brought a new temporary station for the launch of the new branding Radio Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Radio new. ”
In October 2009, the CEO of the station Shai Ben-Maor his retirement and at that time left many entertainers the station, including: Dan Thorne, Sharon Moldavi, Rina successful, Dan Shilon, Tal Berman and Aviad ivy. February 2010 appointed Danny Nislis, shareholders of the station, CEO “to her. Nislis previously served as CEO of Haifa radio station, which is still owned. Upon arriving there Nislis station rehabilitation program, which included among other things, raising a host of prominent serve, including Omri Ronen Hadar Marks, Sharon Pike and Shay Golden, vocals Dan Margalit, comfort Douek and more, along with a host of managers, including Omri Ronen (as director plans), Liran Altman – balls (as Vice President of Content), Dani Levy (public relations office of the station), and more. Also joined the station a couple of pitchers “Slutsky and Dominguez” (Slutsky and Ofer Harel Dominguez) who served in the ‘morning program in Israel. ”
End of December 2009 broadcast and Eran Sharon Teicher Zrhovic’ the last program of the evening program at the “snail” after retirement was announced two weeks ago. First took their place broadcaster Ronnie Stone, and then took the third place which tied their program “Today, now,” also broadcast on Channel 24 and Radio New Jerusalem.
In March 2010, the Channel 24 broadcast Tel Aviv the trio’s plan. As a transition, took their place broadcaster Ronnie Stone, and in May, the program “something something” which aired from 8 to 10 pm, earlier than the fourth.
In April 2010 it was decided that the studios will be copied from Tel Aviv street Raoul Wallenberg at the soldier.
From 2012 the station stopped broadcasting the news by News 10 and transferred the responsibility to Ynet news, called “Ynet News.”
July 2012 was appointed CEO Avi Meshulam station, replacing acting CEO Danny Nislis, which are also among the shareholders of the station. After the appointment of paid, Nislis serving as acting CEO for two years, returned to its original function as CEO of Radio Haifa

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