Radius 100FM

Radius 100FM

Radius 100FM

Table SHOW

6:00 – Music

7:00 – new morning with singing Zahavi

9:00 – Love Plus with Jenny Bloom

12:00 – Time Tunnel with Yaron Ashbel

15:00 – VIP with moshiko Stern


18:00 – VOICE OF PEACE with Mike Brand, Tim Shepard and Age Harvest

19:00 – Spring air with Yakir Aviv

20:00 – SELECT with Hadar Tadmor

22:00 – SMASH with Shloime Kaufman

24:00 – White Night with CJ Horn



About Radius 100FM

Radius 100FM (at first called “Radius Sharon”) is an Israeli radio station, established in the mid-90s of the 20th century, after receiving a concession on the Sharon area. The station’s studios are located at the top of the eye.

Previously this frequency broadcast pirate radio station “Voice of Peace”. Jingles from the Voice of Peace is still played from time to time radius. Also, the connection is maintained through the historic station daily programs every evening and weekend weekly program.

In 2000, the station signed on 5-year agreement with the MTV television network. Was initially interested to open a radio station in Israel in addition to its radio stations in the world, but encountered difficulties. Radius evening broadcasts MTV became radio hits, which focused on new chance music and entertainment programs. Discontinued in 2006, the cooperation between the station and MTV.

The station is David Ben-Bassat who also owned Radio Heart Radio Firwih state.

On 29 April 2007, noted 80th Birthday radius Abie Nathan on special broadcasts Reliving the broadcasts of the Voice of Peace. Broadcasters broadcast special, original station.

The station broadcasts a variety of music programs during the week when most of the day at the station broadcast songs of all time and evening new songs from recent years. Especially on the weekends there are bands of talk shows including:

“Suite Life” with Dov Klein
“Chosen” with David Ben-Bassat
“White Night” with CJ Horn – Horn Siegel
Iris Brown Advisory program parity.
“Plato recklessly” with Shmuel Flatto Sharon.
“Base Black Music Today” with Momy Levy.

Previously aired program “Cinderella,” a night with Yakir Aviv, and later facilitated the side of the bar and standup comics Ronit Shahar Hasson and Yossi Trblos. Two recent programs caused many provocations, following numerous complaints of the Second Authority for Television and Radio station fined advertisements minutes long and many broadcasters suspensions. Program up and download multiple times.

Past the station also broadcast Ofra Haza and Sharon Teicher.

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