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Reshet Bet

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Reshet Bet,


Reshet Bet  is an Israeli radio channel belonging to the voice of Israel, and it broadcasts mostly current events.

Today characterizes a network of news and current events. She leads by listening to the radio in the morning and afternoon with current affairs programs such as “This Morning”, “schedule”, “All Talk”, “half-day” and “hshah internationally. “

A newsreel of the morning, “this morning” (8-6 am), usually served by Aryeh Golan, and on Tuesday by Jacob Ahime’ir.

The program “Agenda” (10-8 am) is usually served by the Foundation Neubach and sometimes by Anat Davidov. July 2012 appointed radio director Menahem Ben-party submitting the additional program so that the program features changed from being guided by a single broadcaster directive pair. He was later appointed Dr. Mordechai Kedar also pitcher.

The program “all talk” (12-10 am), was served Sunday – Wednesday by Yaron Dekel, but since the retirement of the broadcasting authority serves no fixed plan. On Thursday program is served by Ayala Hasson. Between its presenters include Barka’i past, my Yachimovitch, Dalia Yairi, Esti Perez, and Gabi Gazit.

The newsreel of the afternoon, “half-day” (14-12 pm) usually serves Esti Perez, sometimes Anat Davidov.

Table SHOW

05:05 – First Light newspaper headlines and music

05:56 – Moment of Hebrew

05:58 – Shema Israel

6:05 – This Morning

06:30 – Wait a minute – the soundtrack of the state

6:32 – This Morning

08:05 – Agenda with Neubach Foundation

10:05 – All Talk with Ayala Hasson

12:05 – half day – midday log in Network

14:05 – Magic Moments

14:30 – Wait a minute – the soundtrack of the state

14:32 – Magic Moments

14:58 – Moment of Hebrew

15:05 – Time – International with Nahari

16:05 – silver color scheme on the economy with Menachem Friedman

17:05 – Evening News today

17:30 – It’s a network – a daily sports broadcasts

18:05 – six with Anat Dolev

19:05 – left and right

19:52 – Overview

20:30 – Log citizens with Dawn Farley

21:05 – Jewish point with their Teitelbaum

22:05 – Meeting Point

23:05 – All Day and Music

23:58 – Moment of Hebrew

00:05 – Midnight Log

00:13 – One moment – the soundtrack of the state

00:15 – very vivid night with Amnon glory



Reshet Bet wave was established in April 3, 1960 [1] Commercial radio channels along a network, then called the “Voice of Israel” and was then the main radio channel. Reshet Bet is called initially to as “Reshet Bet” and “light wave” as projected, along with newsreels, many programs of popular music and the charts were considered then as music “easy”, while “Voice of Israel” is perceived as a station “serious,” which aired especially programs says classical music. Reshet Bet was the first station which broadcast radio commercials Israel. First aired 40 commercials every day, each lasting 15 seconds total of 10 minutes.

Initially worked in the voice talents Yitzhak Shimoni, Haim Yavin and Yaron London. Further, the announcers were Rivka Michaeli, live Keenan and others. Between music editors who worked in the beginning, were Ehud Manor, Dalia Heller (ed. “room at the top” hit parade Hebrew) and others. Among the programs established network broadcast “program housewife,” “rhythm creates” (with Moshe Timor) and “bhtzi today. “

In 1969 she managed the light wave, Dror Ben-Avi fussy about the correct pronunciation of the Hebrew language broadcasts.

With the establishment of a Reshet Bet  in 1976 was the realm of popular music and the network to the new network in the network has a new and quiet music. During these years she was known mythological program “Songs and Goals”, which provided live updates from events Premier League football stadiums this weekend. Program staff at the Meir Einstein (Dispatch studio), Avi Ratzon (commentator), Moses Kashtan (Info Center) and a team such as the field reporters Zuhair Bahloul, Elihu Ben-Onn, Danny Neumann and Ophira Assayag. In 1998, the program moved to the radio non-stop under the name “non-stop gateways,” but Harshav broadcast back in a year later. In 2003 the program due to the sale of rights to broadcast Premier League football Charlton but two years later returned to the program in 2005 due to public pressure. At the end of 2006 split the program and added a Sunday as “one on one” broadcast Premier League games in basketball and the main game Premier League football. In 2009, the program is completely due to the sale of rights to broadcast Premier League football radio, regional radio.

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