Reshet Gimel

Reshet Gimel

רשת ג 978fm

Reshet Gimel


Reshet Gimel is a radio channel Israel , operates within Israel Radio starting relays – 2 November 1997 Hebrew song only.

Reshet Gimel was founded in June 1976 as a station to Israeli popular music of all kinds, as she manages competing with Voice of Peace of Abie Nathan and Army Radio , particularly for the hearts and ears of the young.

Editors and serve

With an known were Tony Payne (Editor program “New Brand new”), Menachem Granite , people Dudkevich and Dalia Heller , and its presenters: Shosh Atari (presenter’s plan Tony Payne), Yitzhak Eitan , Dan Kanner , their property , keeping Imber , Abby Challenge , Yakir Aviv , Orna Yakir , on Yinon , Orly Morag , Leah Lior , Yehudit Ben – Jacob ,YR , Carmel Ben – Ephraim , Malachi Hezekiah , Menahem Perry , Aaron Pereira , Avi Meshulam , Ofer Nachshon , Didi Harari , Joseph Sias , Revital Fellow , interest banks andWard will develop Green .

Notable programs

“A little differently” – Rock and Pop advanced; “Hot Chocolate” – music and quizzes ; “Colby” – Music Alternative; charts – the charts Hebrew annual , top ten songs of the Gregorian and parade Chorus past, “room at the top” “for sure” broadcast on Saturdays; “everyday love” with Joseph Sias and more. The network also broadcast many game shows with prizes such as “sea day” and “30 in the shade.”


In February 1976 the IBA plenum approved the establishment of another radio station Kol Israel in. The station was named first network, and is broadcast only two hours a day [1] , using a transmitter of Radio Ramallah . On June 20, was inaugurated Tuesday officially Network and broadcast 19 hours a day, from 6 am to 1 am, frequency 529 kHz AM [2] . Inthe 90s of the 20th century , due to the opening of popular music channels ( MTV for example) Cable and prosperity of the regional radio , an upgrade of the network significantly decreased until in 1997 consulted close it. On November 2, 1997 , in order to save the dying network, completely changed the format of broadcasts, and she became the station broadcasts Israeli Music in Hebrew only. The change did its greatly improved the percentage of listening and today it is considered a successful network.

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