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The Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) provides news programming in 14 foreign languages directed at audiences abroad or in Israel. The goal of these programs is to present a balanced and impartial picture of what happens in Israel in particular and in the region in general. Each language has its own schedule of programs focusing on news, political, social, educational, economic, technological and cultural issues.

The IBA provides two video programs with news and views from Israel.

The daily IBA News broadcast and the weekly news talk show program IBA Closeup are available on-demand via the IBA World website.[2] Anchors include Yochanan Elrom, Erin Viner and Laura Cornfield. The Chief Editor of IBA News is Steve Leibowitz. IBA News is broadcast on Israel Channel One at 4:50 PM Sunday – Thursday, and Channel 33 Sunday – Thursday at 5:00 PM. Friday and Saturday broadcasts are at 6:00 PM on Channel 33 only.

The IBA News program is rebroadcast on certain Christian broadcasting channels, mostly from LeSEA Broadcasting. This includes METV Middle East Television (Middle East Television). In the USA, the IBA News English language program airs on the satellite channel WHT (DirecTV channel 367) at 6:00 PM (Eastern time.) The IBA News is also broadcast on the MHz WorldView channel. The Worldview channel is available on some local broadcast channels, cable networks, DirecTV, audio via telephone, iOS App, Android App and webstream. On MHZ Networks Worldview, the IBA News is broadcast weekdays at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. (from Wikipedia)

Languages in International Broadcasting Service

Russian: broadcasts started in 1958 on short waves to the former USSR

Dorit Golander, in charge of the department.

Yosef Usvitsky, in charge of the team in Jerusalem.

Tel: 02- 5302364 ; 03-6944723

Amharic: broadcasts started in 1985.

Reuven Mahari in charge of the section.

Tel: 02-5302409

Tigrit: broadcasts started in 1985.

Avraham Yardai in charge of the daily 10 minute broadcast.

Tel: 03-6944707

English: broadcasts started in 1948.

Neomi Segal in charge of the section.

Tel: 02-5302233

French: broadcasts started in 1948.

Maurice Ifergan in charge of the section.

Tel: 02-5302202

Spanish: Broadcasts started in 1952.

Tel: 02-5302466

Ladino: Broadcasts started in 1948.

Only daily broadcast in Judeo-Spanish in the world.

Tel: 02-5302314


Romanian: broadcasts started in 1953.

Noam Jaffe in charge of the broadcasts.

Tel: 02-5302308

Hungarian: broadcasts started in 1953.

Rachel Adam in charge of the section.

Tel: 02-5302309

Yiddish: broadcasts started in 1948.

Adam Gruzman in charge of the section.

Tel: 02-5302313


Bucharian: broadcasts started in 1975.

Hiya Maximov in charge of the section.

Tel: 03-6944731

Georgian: broadcasts started in 1970.

Reuven Enoch in charge of the section.

Tel: 02-5302365

Mugrabic: broadcasts started in 1959.

Jacqueline Behar in charge of the section.

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