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Machon Meir is the Beit Midrash and Torah Center in Jerusalem located in the Kiryat Moshe . Institute , belonging to the national religious which favors the principle of love and faith , and is working to extend Judaism under way and spirit of Rabbi Kook .

The Institute is named after Eliezer Meir Lipschitz fell in the Yom Kippur War. It was established in payments D ( 1974 ) by Rabbi Dov Begun continues to head . There are departments Institute for Hebrew , Russian , English, Spanish and French and currently learning the four hundred students. There is also a studio at conversion , frame building known as Aura Centre where learning about sixty girls, and new immigrants studio in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.
Since its inception sought , Machon Meir , another possible way to connect the learned Torah Beit Midrash to the general public.
Thousands of students , alumni and readers weekly newsletter , added Hanukkah Regulations guys (December 2004), also the first viewers of Channel Meyer – Channel webcast of the Machon Meir .
Fortunately , soon began to flow many responses from Israel and around the world which a picture of a real positive revolution S. Meyer channel , generates tens of thousands of homes.
Arutz Meir Online puts the most classes are held at Mayer Live . Join every day ten new classes and lessons archive video archive is the largest of its kind in the world has tens of thousands of classes in five different languages ​​. The archive offers a variety of study topics such as faith, law , Old Testament , ethics , festivals , and family – passed by dozens of rabbis in the community .
The channel broadcasts emphasizes the connection between Torah life, observing perspective and believes favorably on our time and the understanding that we live in a special generation complex, plays an important role in the redemption of Israel .
Thank God we were under the influence of Meyer and assisted channel there is a great awakening of Jews from using the Internet for adults and children. Channel simultaneously making efforts to give its viewers a sense of a real and active learning through the pages of sources, a unique system Live submit questions and more.

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