About Shorashim,

Shorashim is a spiritual center,

Aims to be a fertile ground for anyone who wants to order Shorashim with branches that grow upward.
We believe that by love, workshops and classes,
You can get awareness, spiritual growth and flowering.
Shorashim warm home awaits you, where you can open a book
Homely and pleasant atmosphere, take a deep breath
And enjoy a variety of activities offered by the place.

Shorashim was founded by Rabbi Rabbi Abraham Dirnfeld shlita
And run by Rabbi Aaron Wind executive director of Shorashim
Rabbi Notable Lens focal spiritual director “root system” TA
Rabbi Mordechai Grtnhuiz VP Shorashim

“God, give us the right to Abir bit of blue in this world
“That the Torah is not in heaven and all of us can get it to strengthen the Shorashim

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